Why Do I Have Ridges in My Fingernails?

 Here are ridges in fingernails

Your fingernails can reveal a lot about the state of your health. One common change is the appearance of vertical or horizontal ridges.

Learn more about why ridges in fingernails appear and what they can mean.

Vertical ridges are furrows that run from the tip of your fingernail down to the cuticle. They are sometimes called longitudinal striations or bands.

A doctor should examine changes in your nails. If you damaged your nail in an injury, you may wait to see how the nail and your finger heal for a few weeks before deciding whether to see a doctor.

During your appointment, your doctor will examine your nails and ask about any other symptoms you’re experiencing.

Because fingernail ridges are often signs of other health problems, treatment focuses on the underlying cause of the changes to your nails.

 For example, if you have developed Beau’s lines because of diabetes, successfully managing your blood sugar may reduce these horizontal fingernail ridges.

Most of the time, ridges in fingernails are a typical sign of aging. However, it’s important to pay attention to fingernail ridges and other nail changes.

These might be the first signs of a serious medical problem.

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