Eye Twitching: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Here are eyelid twitch causes, treatment and prevention.

An eyelid twitch, or myokymia, is a repetitive, involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscles.

A twitch usually occurs in the upper lid, but it can occur in both the upper and lower lids.

Some amount of eyelid spasms can be considered typical and doesn’t indicate any kind of serious problem.

These twitches can arise from a variety of environmental factors, and generally disappear with rest.

 If these twitches are persistent and disrupt your life,  you may want to speak with your doctor about your symptoms.

If the spasms become chronic (long term), you may have what’s known as benign essential blepharospasm,

which is the name for chronic and uncontrollable winking or blinking.

If the eyelid twitch affects just one eye, a hemifacial spasmTrusted Source is a possibility.

This type of spasm is a neuromuscular disorder usually caused by a blood vessel putting excess pressure on one of your facial nerves.

Eyelid twitching can stem from a wide variety of causesTrusted Source.

If this symptom is bothering you, it may help to discuss it with your doctor.

Rarely, eyelid spasms are a symptom of a more serious brain or nerve disorder.

When eyelid twitches are a result of these more serious conditions, they’re almost always accompanied by other symptoms.

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