DuckDuckGo email privacy service now available to all

A DuckDuckGo Email Protection service was last year launched as a limited beta,

 with a waiting list for those wanting to use it. The waitlist is now gone, and anyone can get access to it right away.

The privacy-focused email forwarding service strips out trackers, and offers the ability to create disposable email addresses

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.

, all without changing your email provider – similar to Apple’s Hide My Email feature …

Despite the proliferation of messaging services available today, email has retained its dominant position as the primary way to contact people.

As of this year, there are around 4.2B email users, and we collectively send and receive more than 300B emails on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, a huge proportion of those emails are spam. Worse, the majority track when we open these emails.

This is achieved with tracking pixels – a single-pixel image unique to each copy of the email.

 When we view the email, the server logs the fact that we have ‘seen’ that image, and therefore opened the email.

Additionally, links in emails are often personalized, with unique codes added to the URL, so companies can see who has clicked on a link.

Privacy-focused browser company DuckDuckGo last year launched an Email Protection service as a limited beta.

We’re excited to announce the beta release of DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection.

Our free email forwarding service removes email trackers and protects the privacy of your personal email address without asking you to change email services or apps.

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