Couple thinks they won $360 in lottery, turns out to be $360,000

A Lynwood, Wash. couple thought that they had won $360 in the state's lottery, until they took a closer look

- and realized that they had actually won $360,000.

The anonymous couple purchased the winning ticket at a local grocery store, according to Washington's Lottery.

That was when he was told that the prize was too large to be cashed at the store,

and that he would have to go to a lottery office -- a fact that confused the man because the store limit was up to $600.

It was then that the store clerk finally made him aware of how much his winning lottery ticket was really worth.

The couple were reportedly "shocked" to discover that the piece of paper could be worth so much money.

According to Washington's Lottery, the couple immediately wrote a $10,000 check to their son and daughter-in-law, who have a baby on the way

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