4 Worst Snacks for Blood Sugar Spike

If you've been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes,

your healthcare provider may have suggested a lower-carb diet to help manage your blood sugar.

For many, eating low-carb feels restrictive and can be hard to maintain long-term.

So instead of focusing on cutting out all carbs, it's better to strive for a balanced plate for your meals and snacks.

In fact, the research shows that a meal or snack that is balanced with all food groups- proteins, carbs, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables can improve blood sugar control after the meal.

The good news is that rather than removing your favorite foods from your diet,

you can pair them with other food groups that slow down the rise in blood sugar afterward.

While it is possible to pair certain foods together to keep blood sugar levels in check,

there are still some foods that are not nutritionally well balanced,

and it is probably best to reach for a different option as a snack.

Enjoying these foods every once in a while is perfectly fine,

but if you reach for any of these following snack options regularly,

you might consider changing up your snack habits to reach for something a bit more balanced.

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